Summer School in “Predictive Analytics & Decision Making”.

It’s been a long week, indeed!

ForTank successfully completed its first Summer School which was held in the British- Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC).


The principal focus of the Program was to enhance participant’s knowledge in Predictive Analytics and Decision Making, through an interactive and multidiscipline training module.

All participants were carefully selected by the Program Academic Dean (Professor K. I. Nikolopoulos)   and were from Greece and abroad.

Their diverse academic background and experience contributed to the program’s success, by allowing a multi-perspective engagement of all topics (or “dragonfly view”, as Prof. P. Tetlock would say).

In general, the topics covered included: Predictive analytics, decision making, quantitative & judgmental forecasting as a specialized tool of the aforementioned, “Black & White Swan” forecasting, Defense & Energy Economics, aspects of the global macro crisis management etc.


As mentioned above, all participants where actively engaged in all training modules…..


…………by providing their perspectives and insights.

Team building was a principal focus of the course and was pursued by any means necessary.


As a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to evaluate the program’s effectiveness we would use a “smile detector” in order to make sure that everything was going according to plan!

p tetlock.png

After all, wasn’t it Philip Tetlock the one who said that the 2 most contributing factors in providing accurate forecasts, are training & team-building?

I would really like to thank ForTank for giving me the chance to be part of the team, and especially Professors K. Nikolopoulos & D. Thomakos, who happen to be my PhD supervisors as well!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful experience.



Teaching is a passion Research is the means to facilitate the passion

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