15 Minutes Brain Dump before PMI Exams is NO MORE available…

If one thing’s for sure….. with this evolution in the exam process, it is my opinion that, no matter what, all participants should sacrifice 10-15 minutes from their exam time in order to make up for the lost time.

Dive into Risk Management

Writing down inputs, tools & outputs of Risk Management processes in (lets say) 8 minutes in a scratch paper during the 15 minutes PMI-RMP exam tutorial really helped candidates gain confidence during the exam. But it’s a “HISTORY” now!


Project Management Institute (PMI)® and Prometric have made the following change to the examination format of all PMI® certifications: Candidates are no longer allowed to take any notes/brain dump during the 15 minutes time of the tutorial effective from 23 October 2016 globally.

“Using the scratch paper before the exam time begins has always been against Prometric’s testing center rules, but it was not being properly enforced. Although we don’t have it officially in writing just yet, it is now being strongly enforced”

by Mattie, Customer Representative, PMI.org.

to-do-list-brain-dump-friday“The brain dump practice, in itself, is not listed within any of the credential handbooks. That is due to this process not being…

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