EU’s Open PM² Conference 2018

logoThe 2018 PM² Conference was a landmark EU event sponsored by major EU Institutions. This inaugural conference brought together representatives from EU Institutions, Member States’ Public Administration, PM² Practitioners, Service Providers and PM² Methodology Experts to learn from each other and to share experiences in using PM² and rolling-out the PM² Methodology in their organisations.


I must admit that the experience of attending the above conference was one of a kind. All speakers were magnificent, and their lectures were straight to the point. As I told to one of the key-speakers, “the endeavour is doomed to succeed.

Below are some snapshots of the event:


Nicos Kourounakis, during his outstanding presentation


Me and the Risk-Doctor (David Hilson)

A picture with the famous “Risk Doctor”, Dr David Hilson.

It was a great honour to get to know him in person. He is an international thought-leader in risk management, with a global reputation as an excellent speaker and award-winning author.








The Greeks (plus Mathias on the left)


Another good thing about the conference was the level of interaction, between the speakers and the participants. Everybody had the chance to pose a question to the speakers, either through, or in person:

My question concerning the risk management approach

My question concerning the Business Case approach


A few words about Open PM²

Open PM² is the updated version of the PM² Methodology developed and used by the Commission since 2007. It is based on the experience and lessons learned from EU projects, but also incorporates elements from globally accepted best practices, standards and methodologies.

Since its publication in November 2016, the PM² Guide – Open Edition has climbed to the Top-10 of most downloaded publications of the EUBookshop.

All resources concerning the above methodology can be accessed for free, from the following URLs: 1, 2 (the 2nd requires EU login)

Furthermore, all presentations can be viewed (streaming) from here.



Teaching is a passion Research is the means to facilitate the passion

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