A new career …

1200px-Emblem_of_Greek_Ministry_of_National_Defence.svgAfter spending more than two years in the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence, a new opportunity glimpsed in the horizon, and it was well grasped!

The in-depth knowledge and experience acquired during my service in the Ministry was catalytic in terms of realizing and consolidating what lays out there….

I have worked with people having totally different perspectives, over subjects that were initially completely out of my sphere of experience and knowledge. What a perfect opportunity that was to help me engage and embrace situations and topics in ways I have never imagined before.


Thinking out of the box, or “lateral thinking“, as Edward de Bono would say, does not come with the press of a button. It needs constant triggering of the mind, either from the outside or from the inside.

There were quite a few people whom I consider catalytic in helping me form the “new mentality”, and I owe them a great THANKS!

Theofilos Dimitriadis, Konstantinos Zikidis, Giorgos Mitropapas, all of exquisite character and state of mind. Although the team has now dissolved, the momentum acquired throughout the past years will continue boosting us ahead!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”

Soren Kierkegaard

What I like the most about the below pictures is the smile on the faces of my good friends. I will miss you guys!




“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi


And then one day, miracles happen!!! Well, to be honest, it was a triggered miracle.


From the BodyTalk campaign in Greece

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) got stuck in my mind after attending one esdc_0of the numerous courses it hosts on Common Security and Defence Policy. From that point on I ‘ve started working meticulously towards that direction! The CSDP Orientation Course was succeeded by the 6th EU Advanced Course for Political Advisor in CSDP Missions and Operations course, then I participated as external workshop facilitator during the Orientation Courses co-organized by ESDC and the Hellenic  Supreme Joint War College in Thessaloniki. Finally one day I was invited to deliver a lecture on “Strategic Communications“, during a TAIEX course organized for the Eastern Partnership Countries in Tbilisi Georgia. 



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was fascinated by the way the courses were organized: blended and interactive, maximizing knowledge acquisition by utilizing SMEs with profound knowledge on the topics they were covering.

The right moment came…. there was a job post for an e-Training Manager in the college. The recruitment procedure was quite a hurdle, the competition was tough and the chances unpredictable, but Paulo Coelho‘s “Universe” did something  …


I personally think that what helped me the most, in terms of getting the job was the knowledge acquired by the Project Management Institute after gaining the PMP and RMP certifications, along with my experience as Project Management Instructor and training content provider.

So here I am! A new page, a new life, a new set of experiences to be acquired…

Off we go!






Teaching is a passion Research is the means to facilitate the passion

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