The audit process

One of PMI ways to ensure the integrity of PMP certification is by auditing applicants throughout their programs.

Make sure you read the questions carefully and do whatever is required when you fill out your application.

PMI takes its Code of Ethics very seriously and so should you. The more time you take to make sure your application is aligned with your experience, the better it will withstand an audit.

Take the time to document your experience clearly. Make sure you know where you stored your degree, training certificates, dates, documentation, contact names, addresses and phone numbers from your projects. Better yet, create a new folder on your computer with all background information that supports your application.

Since the PMP Exam audit selection process is completely random, you shouldn’t waste your time listening to and worrying about the rumors of profiling or trigger conditions. The PMP audit process is a bit of a mystery. PMI does not disclose the rate or number of candidates selected for the audit. They just indicate that the selection is on a random basis.

From various sources on the internet, it was guessed that around 5%-25% (rough order of magnitude) of US candidates and as low as 0.5% of international candidates would be audited by PMI. The worst thing is that you do not know whether you will be selected for an PMP audit process when settling the payment. It is only revealed immediately when payment is received by PMI.

The PMP audit process is a quality assurance procedure to maintain the highest quality of the PMP certification. If you provide false information on your PMP application and you fail an audit because of it, you will be permanently suspended from sitting for any PMI exams. And they truly do mean forever.

The PMP Audit Package

By applying to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam you also automatically agree to comply with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) audit terms. The PMI clearly writes about this in the PMP Credentials Handbook.

If you get audited you will be notified by Email: If your application does get pulled for an audit you will not be given a candidate ID to schedule the exam.

nformation about the audit: PMI will give you information on how to proceed. Throughout the audit process you will be asked to send in hard copies of important information in order to:

  • Verify academic education

  • A photocopy of the degree certificate is enough

  • Verify 35 contact hours of Project Management Education

  • A photocopy of the project management education certificate given by us (humanasset) at the completion of the course.

  • Verify Project Management Experience

  • PMI will put all the information of your project experience as individual PDF files (i.e. one PDF per project). You will need to print them out and send them to your supervisors/managers for endorsement and signing.

  • PMI also requests your supervisors/managers to put each experience record form into a separate sealed envelope with signature on the sealed flap.

  • PMI also allows all the experience record form by the same supervisor/manager to be put in one single sealed envelope. “If one person is verifying multiple projects for the same company, they can fill out one form and initial or highlight on the Experience Record the projects that they are verifying”.

Three ways to fail the audit

According to PMI there are three ways that you can fail an audit:

No Fault: Avoid this by making sure you have all your documentation before you submit your PMP Exam application. However, if for some reason, your education or experience cannot be confirmed, through no fault of your own, then PMI will still let you fail the audit. You may reapply as soon as you have your experience hours documented or confirmation of your degree.

Non-Compliance: If you are audited and you simply have too much going on in your life to participate in the audit, then you can choose not to give any audit responses. Similar to pleading “no contest,” the candidate is subject to a one year suspension period before he/she can apply for the PMP Exam again.

Fraud: It’s not worth it to lie on your application! If you provide false information on your PMP application and you fail an audit because of it, you will be permanently suspended from sitting for any PMI exams. And they truly do mean forever.

Submit your Audit Package soon

The sooner you submit your audit package, the sooner you’ll get your candidate ID. PMI is usually rather quick in processing your audit documents after you send them in. It can take as little as 4-10 days.

Wait for the confirmation email from PMI: After you send your audit package, you’ll receive an email of acceptance from the PMI and it will give you instructions on how to schedule an exam appointment.

Know the Prometric Centers near you: You will take the exam in one of the many Prometric test centers worldwide, and the Prometric website is also the place where you schedule the exam online.

Mark your Exam Day: There is usually no problem scheduling your exam on Prometric web site unless you want a Saturday appointment. Many people who have taken the exam recommend taking it on a Monday or Tuesday; you’ve had the weekend to rest up, and the day prior to testing to take care of loose study ends and be absolutely certain of your knowledge.

You have a year to fix your exam date: The year allotted between acceptance and actually taking the test is to allow for rescheduling should a complication arise. Once you are accepted, it really is best to go online and set your exam date right away.

Check your other obligations! Make sure your family obligations, birthday ceremonies, business trips and your other obligations are taken into account before you fix the exam date.


The information  necessary for this article, was collected from multiple sites all over the WWW.


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