The PMP application walkthrough

After having collected information from multiple sites all over the web,  i’ve decided to give you my version of the PMP application walkthrough.

I hope you find it useful.


1: Register (create username & password) and then log on to:


2: Once logged-in, you will be directed to the PMI home page. Then we go to the certification TAB, and from the dropdown list we choose “What are PMI certifications?”


3: At this point we choose “Project Management Professional (PMP)”


4: At this point the following window appears:


From the above window, we go to “Quick Links”, on the right of the page and we download the first 4 documents.

We read carefully the downloaded documents and the content of the webpage and then we hit: “Ready to apply?” 

5:From this point on, the online application form for PMP Certification is very straight forward. The only part that you will need to pay special attention to is Project Management Experiences which will consume most of your time to figure the information out.

But please do not wait until you have finished studying your PMP study materials to begin your PMP Certification application. Filling the form and fixing the exam date early will help to focus on your study.

Filling your project management experiences

When filling your project management experiences, you will need to:

  • Give a title to each project

  • Specify your role in the project (which is usually different from your job title, e.g. Project Leader, Project Coordinator, Project Expeditor, etc.)

  • Add name and contact methods of your supervisor

  • Fill in the number of hours used on each process group:

Initiating the Project
Planning the Project
Executing the Project
Controlling and Monitoring the Project
Closing the Project

  • Compose the project description of around 500 characters which should include:

a brief description of the project,
key deliverables,
project outcome,
your personal role.

Points to Note

In order to avoid being audited / pass the audit smoothly, you will need to:

  • Estimate your project hours locally (i.e. not to repeatedly save and amend on the online form which might send a signal to PMI for an audit)

  • The start date for the first project and the end date of the last project should cover a period 3 years for degree holders / 5 years for secondary degree holders.

  • Try to contact your project supervisors to seek their approval of the hours you will claim for each project

  • No need to include every project during the period, include projects up to a point when the total project hours reaches the required minimum (4,500 hours for degree holders / 7,500 hours for secondary degree holders)

  • Include large projects first, in case you are requested an audit, you will have less work to do

  • When composing the project descriptions, use PMI terms like: project charter, project deliverables, sponsor, stakeholders, scope, schedule, quality management, acceptance of deliverables, etc. It is advisable to have read the PMBOK Guide before composing the descriptions.

  • You can download a copy of your form as a PDF file for reference / records

  • PMI website will only store your information for 90 days after which your record will be deleted from its server.

  • Before submitting your application, you are required to read and agree to the Project Management Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Do read the code and learn by heart as the principles will be tested on the PMP exam as situational questions.

The Next Step

  • After submitting your online form, wait around 5 days to get the approval email from PMI as they carry out the “Application Completeness Review”.

  • Pay the PMP Certification fee and check your email account immediately.

  • You must specify the need of a language aid (translation for candidates whose mother tongue is not English) when paying the fee.



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